10 August 2013

Selecting a Call Provider - Trading Consultancy

Points to be remembered by every trader while selecting a call provider

1. Risk/Reward ratio - Profit should be atleast 10 points more than SL
Reason : If your provider gives 20 pts SL and 20 pts trgt, then in case of loss ur loss is 24 (with brokerage) and in case of profit it will be 16 (with brokerage). So RISK ›› REWARD

2. No. of targets - No. of targets should be evenly pre-defined with clean & simple strategy.
Reason : If your provider gives 2 or 3 targets you do not know where to book though "Trial SL method" is recommended (sites will be updated with highest achieved targets but it is never possible to predict the high & Real profits are only calculated based on pre-defined part booking strategy)

3. Price Deviation - Price should not be more than 3 pts difference while you get the call

4. Accuracy must be atleast 70%
These 4 points looks to be small but its unfortunate to reveal that these 4 constitute more than 50% of your profits